Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Sale... Finding the McCains!!! & New Book News

A Christmas Sale! The story of an Irish family that left for the New World in 1718 and one descendant who returned to Ireland reunited the family after three centuries of separation.  A biography, a history, a travelogue, a mystery solved using DNA testing.  In Time For Christmas!!!   Available on Amazon!  

 A postscript of sorts... I am working on the new book now, which is about the Scots-Irish and the Faeries.  I had hoped to have it out this year, but my health issues required me to delay work on the book for a few months.  However, recovery going well, and I am back at my desk, writing.  Looking forward to the New Book coming out. 

Merry Christmas & Happy Yuletide Greetings!!! 

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