Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jeeves Speaks Irish.

Bheul, tá Gaeilge ag Jeeves anois.

Interesting story below about actor Stephen Fry appearing on Ros Na Rún, which is a Irish language soap opera. I loathe the show myself, but watch it on occasion to practice my Gaelic. I love speaking Gaelic, hard to sum up exactly why. It is the McCain family's original language certainly. That has a lot to do with it. My McCains spoke a eastern dialect of Gaelic, Argyll Gaelic. Today I work mostly with Donegal dialect Gaelic, which has similarities to Argyll Gaelic. Speaking it has made my life interesting. Stephen Fry is best known for his role as Jeeves, in the PG Wodehouse, Jeeves and Wooster series.

The quintessential British actor, Stephen Fry, is learning Irish - so he can take a part in the Irish language soap, Ros na Rún.

The actor and broadcaster will be coming to Galway early next month with a BBC film crew to shoot a new series on minority languages. Mr Fry has a special interest in Irish literature and is a scholar on James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. His new series takes him all over the world to document how minority languages are faring in the modern world. He has recently presented Stephen Fry’s America and is the regular host of Qi, has a huge interest in language and especially minority languages.

It is believed that Mr Fry was completely taken with the idea of an Irish language soap and was thrilled when he was not only invited onto the set, located in Spiddal village, but to take a part as ‘a special extra’. Scripwriters have written a small speaking part for the Englishman and from this week, Mr Fry will be learning his Irish script though he will be touching up on his accent when he actually gets to Galway.

The filming of the programme will take place on December 6 and possibly December 7 and will involve a game of golf - in Irish of course - at the Connemara Islands golf club in Eanach Mheain, a visit to Ros a’ Mhíl harbour where he gets a boat to Spiddal Pier before heading to the Ros na Rún set. TG4 broadcaster, Páidí Ó Lionaird, who is the contact in Galway for the visit, said: They wanted to film something different and it is important that they see us banking, shopping, eating and drinking as Gaeilge and going onto a set of an Irish language soap was very appealing to Stephen Fry.

The Connacht Sentinal - Bernie Ní Fhlatharta
16 Samhain 2010


Monday, November 8, 2010

New Madrid Fault Says Hello

New Madrid Fault Areas of Influence

The New Madrid fault line gave us a wee hello yesterday. A magnitude 2.8 earthquake located in southeast Missouri happened yesterday, at 07:11:37 PM (CST). Several years ago, I actually felt my first earthquake. No, not on a visit to California, it was here in Oxford, Mississippi. It is interesting as I knew instantly what it was, even though I had never been in an earthquake before.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Barry's BBC Interview

The BBC did an interview with me today; we did 45 minutes of tape which will be edited down to 25 minutes. I was in a studio on the Ole Miss Campus, they at the BBC studios in Belfast. It was very enjoyable. The name of the show is the Kist O' Wurds program, which focuses on the Ulster Scots community in Ulster. I will post the broadcast time when I find it out.

Focus of the interview was my upcoming book, Finding the McCains, my work with the Ulster Heritage Project, and the Redshanks communities in east Donegal.

A perfect fall day here in Oxford, Mississippi. I am preparing to go to a high school play off game, between Lafayette and North Pontotoc. It will be a excellent game. High school football is more fun to watch for me, than college or pro. Go Commodores...!