Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Big White Beard, Christmas 2017

Continuing to recover from the stroke.  Almost, two full months into the recovery now.  I have started writing again.  I am working in Gaelic language again.  I am doing hill hikes in the trails in Oxford... and last night late, walked the Oxford, Mississippi, Square.  I had several Coeds give me 'hugs' and took photographs of me, etc.  They asked me where I was from, I replied, 'the North Pole.'   Interesting, the effect a Big White Beard has on people.  

It was a quiet night in ole Oxford town, as it was a Tuesday.  A number of students were out at the clubs on the Square.  The weather was coolish and nice

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Big White Beard

The Big White Beard
Today I had the first visit to the neurologist since the strokes.  That is, the first visit since I left the hospital.  The doctor had examined me in early October while I was in the ICU at the hospital in Memphis.  At this point, recovery is a waiting game, as the doctors do not know when and how the recovery will unfold.  I have regained a small bit of my vision in my right eye, which is a good sign and better than nothing, but I still can not drive and that is frustrating of course.  

I have days where I feel like I can do this, then other days where I feel like I am lost.  Since my strokes, I have communicated with several other stroke survivors.  I realise that I am very fortunate, as many with strokes have more health problems than I do.  I hear their stories of how hard the work at recovery and how patient they are with their struggles.  They have inspired and encouraged me. Patience, recovery is slow.  

I am writing again.  I have several 500 word days done over the last week and I feel like that my skills are coming back.  I was working on a book about the Scots-Irish and the Faeires when the strokes happened.  I was over one half finished with the book. Once, I get into a regular routine of writing I will regain my focus on the topic, I hope that is.  I have also started assembling research notes for the next project, which will also have a Irish theme.  I am drawn to the subject.  

The mug, is an almost empty one, of one of my favourite teas, Darjeeling.  I am a tea drinker.  Darjeeling, Russian Caravan, and Prince of Wales, my three favourite teas.  They are soothing.    

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Duke James Hamilton and his Red Beard

The Hamiltons of Abercorn are a well known and quite famous family.  They had estates in northern Tyrone and east Donegal and have had them for ages.  I descend from Hance Hamilton, to whom I discovered via DNA test results was a Abercorn Hamilton himself.  Hance's line migrated to the Colonies in the late 1720s.  Now photo and letter concerns James Hamilton 1st Duke of Abercorn (21 January 1811 - 31 October 1885, Samhain night).  Duke Hamilton served twice as the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.  

Like any man in a position of power, the Duke made enemies of course.  Here is a threatening letter written to Duke Hamilton during the 1870s concerning the Duke's handsome red beard and its effect on the ladies.  Please note that the spelling in the letter is non standard, but can easily be deciphered.

James Hamilton and his Big Red Baird