Barry R McCain

Barry R McCain is an independent scholar, writer and genetic genealogy consultant living in Oxford, Mississippi. He has a BA with honours from Ole Miss in history and is a Gaelic speaker.  He is the Director of the Ulster Heritage DNA Project and several other DNA projects that focus on Scottish kinship groups.  Mr. McCain is available as a genetic genealogy consultant for families of Irish and Scottish ancestry and he specializes in Ulster, West Highlands, Hebrides, and western Lowland Scotland research. He is available for speaking engagements on topics relating to the Scots-Irish, Ulster and Scottish history, and Irish and Scottish genetic genealogy.


Jane said...

Hello, Barry,
I hesitated posting on the other site. I realized that I had some kind of gift when I was 6 or 7 years of age. I was a daydreamer and avid reader, even then.
As an adult I have been given messages that are pretty much clairsentient. My grandaunt gave me an opal ring when I was young. I lost it. While minding my little sister one night, I received a message from my grandaunt to go to the basement and lift the first cushion on a sofa that was stored there and I would find my ring.
I did as I was told and there was the ring! I didn't give it a second thought but said ," Thank you, Mamie", and continued my homework.
I get messages frequently and am grateful for this God-given gift.
Jane Flatley

Unknown said...

Hello I am just reading this....My mother had some kind of sight but would never talk about it....I have it and have a number or experiences....The biggest one was about 2 years ago...I had a 6 month period were I would touch my husband to make sure he was alive every night...I knew that something was coming...Well about 4 Am I heard a crashing sound and he had collapsed. I was very calm and thankful for the preparation....He wanted to wait till morning for treatment....I said no. Our location, 3 mins till the squad got here, the surgeon called in while in transit, and all things came together for him to survive a burst aortic aneurysm...5% survival rate...have had other experiences...We are McKeans...Our ancestry has been traced back to fighting in wars against the English....Have had other psychic experience of warrior female from 1525 coming to my knowledge...and boy oh boy was she something! We have some Iris along with the Scottish on mothers side German/English fathers side...I take after in looks of the Scottish with bright red hair and blue eyes.

brenda king said...

I'm Irish and also have the gift.

I was ten years old when my grandma passed. I couldn't go to the hospital to see her. So, I never got to say goodbye. My grandma visited me, she patted my head, and whispered, "bye baby girl."

I waa 11 when Robert Kennedy was shot. I felt a pain, woke up and turned on the radio just as the announcer reported that Robert Kennedy had been shot. It made me feel very disoriented.