Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Stroke Update

Two Strokes, an Update.   Sort of old news now, but as many will know, I had two strokes. The first one came on 28 September.  I just thought I felt bad, took some ibuprofen and rested.  This was a great mistake of course.  Then, late on the night of 30 September, I had another stroke, lost my ability to talk, lost much of my vision, etc.  So, there was a helicopter flight to an ICU in Memphis, a lot of tubes, injections, medical procedures, etc.  To bring the tale up to date, here I am some three weeks and a few days later, and I am in the recovery phase.  I can now talk fairly well.  All in all, I have been blessed I think, as strokes can be very brutal and I seem to have recovered fairly well.  I still have vision problems, and I do not know to what extent my visions will recover.  Too soon to tell.  Writing and reading are linked to vision health.  I am a man of letters, a man who reads much, who does research, who writes, and who has published books.  I am concerned if I can still perform these tasks.  Today, 24 October, I will write some today on my current book project.  This is the book I have been working on concerning Scots-Irish folklore, Faeries, and the Second Sight.  Prior to the strokes, the work was going well.  Today, I begin writing again.  We will see how it goes.

Anyroad, I send you all warm and genuine thanks for the many blessings, prayers, best wishes, for my health and recovery.   These are all greatly appreciated and valued.