Big White Beard

The men in my family have a tradition of wearing beards... long, white, beards.  I am fortunate to have photographs of some of these ancestors.  Some, I was told as I child had long, white, beards, but I do not have any illustrations of these ancestors, but here are a couple, along with photos of my keeping up the tradition of the tribe. 

John Wilson Davis (my great grandfather)

Robert C Tweedy, a great great uncle

George W Tweedy

Typical Celt, Red Beard Blond Hair 1976

Ole Miss days 1982

Barry R McCain 'the Big White Beard' 

February 2018

Big White Beard back when it was Red circa 1978

In the Ouachita Mountains Summer 2017
Yule Time-Christmas 2017
the Druid, from a photo to be used in an upcoming book

the Writer at Work

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