Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Big White Beard

The Big White Beard
Today I had the first visit to the neurologist since the strokes.  That is, the first visit since I left the hospital.  The doctor had examined me in early October while I was in the ICU at the hospital in Memphis.  At this point, recovery is a waiting game, as the doctors do not know when and how the recovery will unfold.  I have regained a small bit of my vision in my right eye, which is a good sign and better than nothing, but I still can not drive and that is frustrating of course.  

I have days where I feel like I can do this, then other days where I feel like I am lost.  Since my strokes, I have communicated with several other stroke survivors.  I realise that I am very fortunate, as many with strokes have more health problems than I do.  I hear their stories of how hard the work at recovery and how patient they are with their struggles.  They have inspired and encouraged me. Patience, recovery is slow.  

I am writing again.  I have several 500 word days done over the last week and I feel like that my skills are coming back.  I was working on a book about the Scots-Irish and the Faeires when the strokes happened.  I was over one half finished with the book. Once, I get into a regular routine of writing I will regain my focus on the topic, I hope that is.  I have also started assembling research notes for the next project, which will also have a Irish theme.  I am drawn to the subject.  

The mug, is an almost empty one, of one of my favourite teas, Darjeeling.  I am a tea drinker.  Darjeeling, Russian Caravan, and Prince of Wales, my three favourite teas.  They are soothing.    

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