Saturday, April 23, 2016

DNA Test Sale with Family Tree

Barry R McCain with Ian McKean and Ivan Knox, two of his Irish cousins located using DNA testing
For a very short time, until midnight of 26 April, Family Tree DNA is running a significant sale on their testing.  If you have been curious about genetic genealogy, this is the opportunity to do it.  Sale prices:

Family Finder test (autosomal test) $79
Y -DNA 37 marker test: $129
Y-DNA 67 marker test: $199
Y-DNA 111 marker test: $289

Those are very good prices.  If you want data on your ethnicity which incorporates both your paternal and maternal ancestors, then the Family Finder test is best.

If you wish to do genetic genealogy and locate your cousins in Ireland and Scotland and recover lost family history, then the Y-DNA test is best.  The more markers to have the better data you will have.  The Y-DNA 37 and 67 are particularly good bargains.  If you have the coins, I recommend the 111 level Y-DNA test. However, you will get quite a bit of data with the 37 marker test.

Link to purchase the kits:  Family Tree DNA Test Sale

And... should you want to read a book with chronicles the use of DNA testing to locate your cousins in Ireland and discover your family's point of origin, etc.,  I highly recommend my last book Finding the McCains.  I go into great detail on how I did the deed. 

Take advantage of this excellent sale.  It is a good time to start that genetic genealogy project.

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