Friday, April 3, 2015

Y-DNA test When No Paternal Relative Is Available

Y-DNA test When No Paternal Relative Is Available

A frequent issue in genetic genealogy is the problem of Y chromosome DNA testing when there is no male relative available.  This means a participant does not have any known family member that is a direct paternal descendant of the family line they wish to research via Y-DNA.   This situation does present an obstacle, but one that can be overcome.  Here is how many have done this; you can do the autosomal DNA and use your results to locate a co-lateral line from the paternal line you wish to research.
I have done this myself.  I wanted to research the Y-DNA of the family of my father’s mother.  Since the Y-chromosome is only passed from father to son, I could not use my Y-DNA results; I needed a proxy male to test for me from my father’s mother’s father’s family.   I did the autosomal test and located a brother and sister from my father’s mother’s father’s line.  The male from that autosomal match group tested his Y-chromosome; this gave me the Y-DNA data from the line I wanted to research. I could now use his Y-DNA results to research my father’s mother’s father’s family.  This was done with great success.
It takes a bit longer and you have to organize the project and get proxy participant to cooperate, but usually they are happy to do it.     

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Nancy Johnson said...

I am working on getting one of my mother's brother's sons to do the swab test. Also the son of my brother. That should cover both sides of my family.