Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I am in the final stages of writing a memoir on my 40 year odyssey to find my people in Ireland and Scotland, a successful odyssey I should add. All made possible through Y chromosome DNA testing and many hours of research in the primary source records of Argyll and Ireland. It is absolutely amazing how genetic genealogy allows one to search one's past, recover lost family history, locate your cousins on the other side of the water. My story is a Gaelic one, Gaels from Kilmichael Glassary in Argyll, who moved to Ireland in the 1500s, and then to the Colonies in 1718.

It was a long journey and a good one. I learned Gaelic along the way, have travelled many times across the sea to the homelands of the Gael. It has been very satisfying reconnected with distant cousins in Ireland and Scotland.

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