Monday, July 6, 2009

Old Photographs

It is a wet blah day in Oxfordtown. Humid.... warm... but, at least we are not being roasted alive today. Today's missive is on the value and practice of looking at Old Photographs. I recommend the practice highly. The quantum physicists like to tell us that there are many dimensions, that time and place are not what they appear. I believe this and have always sensed this to be true. We are all but a dream and we are all but dreamers.

Leslie Harris McCain and Sarah Pearl Tweedy circa 1920 in Madison County Mississippi

When one looks at old photographs you can experience times and events past, knowing that somewhere some how, they exist now. I am in the process of digitizing many old family photographs I have. It is paranormal experience often, at least for me. My dear grandmother McCain née Tweedy was born in 1883 and passed in 1962. I only knew her some 10 years and a few months, yet I remember her like it was yesterday, and maybe it was. Sometimes when I look at photos of her that were taken when she was young I am thrown into her late Victoraian world and it is a very pleasant experience. The Tweedy family were Scots-Irish and came to the New World very early, circa 1705 so. They have a wondeful history. The family lore says they are 'fey' and this may be true as my grandmother had the Second Sight.

Sarah Pear Tweedy circa 1905

Treasure your ancestors as they are still here, in you, and around you.


The HOA Parliamentarian said...

I am probably a relative. My mother was a McCain. Her family traces back to Casper Glatfelder from Switzerland who came here in 1680's. the mcCains were in Pennsylvania, then to Iowa, then to Speadfush, SD where my mother was born in 1905.

The HOA Parliamentarian said...

I may be a relative. Mt email is .