Friday, October 24, 2008

The Teoc McCains

The latest attempt by the Establishment Media, or Socialist as I like to call them, to hurt John McCain is the non story of black McCains who are in ‘theory’ descendants of John’s Teoc McCain ancestors. This is a theory which the socialist Left reports thinking that there will be some sort of hue and cry surrounding this 143 year old ‘news.’ I will tell them as they likely don’t know, but people do not care about this story, unless you happen to be a McCain. If you are not a McCain it bores people and shows how small minded and bigoted the Socialist media are. Now, I am a McCain and I am interested in the story, but as an aspect of our McCain history.

Now, I actually know something about McCain kin and relations as I am the administrator of the McCain family DNA project. Yes, that’s right. My project has done Y Chromosome DNA test on many McCains from Carroll County, and the surround counties of Montgomery, Choctaw, Grenada, etc. To date every McCain from this area is a DNA match to each other. Not only that, I located the McCains in Ireland, and we are all a DNA match to them as well. I am working on a book, a memoir right now, which tells of my ‘Finding the McCains.’

There are some facts here the Socialist media do not like to talk about. First the Teoc and Carroll County McCains have always had an excellent relationship with the black community there, yes, even back when there were episodes of racial strife. Why? Because the McCains were active in promoting law and order, there were occasions they put themselves at risk to protect black members of the community, etc., even to the point of backing down mops intent on violence. Not only that the McCains were and are civil. I did not think on it much as a child, but later it struck me, in a McCain home you never heard negative racial comments, slang ethnic words, etc. I have never heard my father say any thing remotely in this line.

Now the old story about slaves, and by the way, my poor McCains lived east of Teoc, we were in the bona fide Mississippi Hill County, and we did not have a single slave and were very small holding farmers, but anyroad, that’s a lame attack on the Teoc McCains. If you think on it, slavery still exists in Africa, in fact our own USA slavery would not have flourished without black slave owners and traffickers in Africa facilitating the practice. Also I do not believe in the Socialist religion of White Guilt. Yep, sorry, I am not guilty, nor are my brothers. In fact I believe the reverse; I think European Americans, especially us Gaelic types, have been pretty damn generous. At the same time I consider slavery beyond barbaric, that it is gone here is a blessing to us all, that's obvious isn’t it? Not to the Socialist Left however as they use it to practice class warfare.

To paint the Teoc McCains with the slavery guilt brush is comical. Look at John McCain today, look at the McCains today. This is another non issue and non story whipped up by the Establishment Media which needs to desperately recruit new writers outside the clique of bombastic left wingers they use now.

Now as a McCain I do have an interest in the black McCains of Teoc. I’d like them to participate in the McCain family DNA Project. I think it would be great if they did, and if they are a match, then I could give them their paternal history back to Medieval times, which I think would make excellent chat around the supper table. That's not a little thing to give a family. They might like to know of the days when the McCains rode in galleys on the Irish Sea, to see the McCain homes in Ireland, and to smell a turf fire on the hearth. The McCains have good traditions.

Barry R McCain © 2008

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