Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rainbow Warriors or Rainbow Wusses?

The news, when read correctly, is a steady source of high humour. Case in point, the Greenpeace so called 'warriors' now jailed by the Russians.  Russia jailed the activists from Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise protest ship pending an investigation into alleged piracy, after several scaled a state-owned oil rig on September 18.

the Artic Sunrise, and they painted it green with a rainbow too, so special
Now are these warriors or rather narcissistic spoiled children having to deal with the real world in a manner that the rest of us have to do?  Well, lets see.

Being warriors I would think they could accept the consequences of their actions. Yet, I read in the news today that they, in their jail cells, are in a state of 'shock' over their treatment.  You see they are given no special favours and treated like the other prisoners.  The horror.

Greenpeace bragged they were going to protest the Russian Oil Rig.  They perceive oil as 'evil.'  Now several of you see the irony, they are doing this on a whacking great ship that burns oil like a Formula 1 Ferrari sucks gas (petrol).  Never mind that, the Russians told Greenpeace fine, but do not board the oil rig as this is criminal trespassing and since it is at sea it is piracy.  Now common sense and gumption is not found among Greenpeace warriors apparently, they did exactly what the Russians told them not to do.  The Russians were not amused and sent armed men and arrested them. 
Russian military arresting 'warriors'
Irina Paikacheva, the head of a state-connected regional prisoners' rights watchdog, said, 'Many of them are in a state close to shock... they had never expected that they would face such consequences for their peaceful protest in a democratic state.'  Shock? 

How can this be though?  The Russians told them they would be arrested.  And the protest was not peaceful really, to get a ship that close to an oil rig is in itself a threat to it plus the Greenpeace people actually landed on the rig, not good.

The Greenpeace  detainees are struggling to make themselves understood since virtually none of the prison staff speaks English;  imagine that they speak Russian there. Who'd of thought, eh?  One of the activists has consulted a psychologist.  Figures. Several non-smoking activists also complain of being placed in cells with chain-smokers.  A young Finnish female activist is a vegan and unable to eat prison food.  Perhaps she is not as much of a rainbow warrioress as she thinks she is.

Rainbow Warriors or Narcissistic spoiled brats who can not deal with the real world?   In many ways Russian seems to be the only nation in the West that has a clue of what they are doing.  We live in a West dominated and ruled by a socialist-feminist wuss caste and I find it entertaining to see the Russians stand up to this plague.

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We in the western culture have been cuddled, inebriated in the feel good narcotic of liberalism, everything feels something mentality crap. You can't fix stupid.