Monday, March 18, 2013

The McCain Omelet

Per several request I have had on information on my diet regimen I offer the makings of this morning's breakfast.  If is because I have somehow escaped 'weight' issues and many of my peers have not.  By diet I mean what I eat, not a special weight lose project.  I normally eat what people now call a paleo diet, but to me it is just the old fashioned diet of our ancestors.  Anyroad... here is my first attempt at food and recipe posting.

McCain Omelet with tomatillo salsa

some extra virgin olive oil in the skillet
quarter onion finely chopped
a bit of finely chopped bell pepper
(no salt and no pepper, no need to)
cook the onion and pepper in the skillet until the onion is translucent
add two free range well beaten eggs, combine with onion and pepper
cook... after it sets, one flip

plate the omelet... (here's the good part)  fill with a good amount of pickled jalapeno peppers, and fold over.

put good amount of green tomatillo salsa on omelet and serve with a large mug of black coffee (the coffee helps with the heat of the jalapeno)

Presto, you have a Paleo breakfast that is  very savory and delicious.   You will not feel hungry later in the day with this type of satisfying food in your system.

You will notice I did not add cheese, that is because I can not eat cheese, but for you lucky people who can, I would add some extra sharp white cheddar or some smoked gouda.  That would only make the McCain Omelet better.  Some mornings, I will put this is warmed corn tortillas also, if I am feeling particularly hungry or know I am not going to eat again that day.

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