Thursday, March 7, 2013

Accidental Soy Milk Ice Cream

This, perhaps, will be of interest to those who can not or choose not the eat or drink cow's milk, i.e. the juice of the bovine.  In my case, I can not ingest cow's milk.  I have an intolerance to the casein protein in the milk. Without going into the medical aspects of it, I will say I have learned to radically avoid milk, especially anything with whey or casein in it.  It is poison to me.  I can eat a little bit of butter, as that is 99% fat, very little milk protein.  Anyroad....

I accidently made some wonderful soy milk ice cream one morning.  Did not plan on it, was just making a wabi sabi smoothie. 

I used a couple cups of frozen blueberries, a cup of plain soy milk, a tablespoon of soy protein powder, a couple teaspoons of stevia.   I placed all this in the Ninja blender, the large one with many blades.  I blended a couple of minutes, maybe three.  I took the top off expecting a smoothie, but nay, I had medium firm ice cream, so thick it had to be eaten with a spoon.  I was marvelous.  A few weeks later I experimented with frozen strawberries, success again. I was very pleased, no it is not as good a real ice cream, but for those of us that must avoid milk, it is lovely. Can't wait to try it with more types of frozen fruits. 

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