Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fit At 61

Well, I for one do not know if it is aliens or government conspiracy, but something is going on with all this obesity and diabetes II phenomenon.  It is not good either.  Could be both of the above come to think of it.  Something is a foot I know, people that I have known for years are gaining weight, all the common folk out there have been for decades, so what gives???  I do not know, but what ever it is I shall not participate.  I gained five pounds in November.  I did not alter my patterns much, true there was the blessed Thanksgiving, but that was on a two day excursion from one's routine.  Something more is going on, which gets us back to Aliens or the evil Government. 

Additives in the food?  I eat very carefully.  Most of my meals made from scratch, organic when possible. Yet, the disease seems to also have infected me.  We, you and I, we all, must act, must do something. Fast, count calories, go very low carb, whatever, but it must be done.  I refuse to have a waist line larger than my inseam.  It is insulting.

I am of the Gaelic race.  What is called in modern terms a 'Highland Scot.'  In fact an Argyll Gael, who (that is my people) moved to Tír Chónaill, or Donegal, circa 1569.  In Gaelic literature there is ridicule heaped upon pot bellies of men, it was considered 'English.'  No Gael with any modicum of self respect would agree to have a pot belly.  Yet, lads and lassies, unless this one gets organised, I damn well am facing the prospect of one.  One Pot Belly.  It will not do. 

I have supposedly reached the age where those things do not matter anymore.  Those things being one's waist line, but Hell's Bells, it does matter.  I will be damned if I become a Sasanach

This issue is much larger (no pun intended) than me.  I have friends, dear ones, and family, that all of a sudden are growing bigger in the worst ways. What the Hell is going on?  All I can say is this man shall fight back.  I will not buy a new belt or new trousers, or worst yet, have to get a larger kilt.  I will eat less, much, until I return to my former self.

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