Friday, August 24, 2012

News Fasting.... Again

Yes, I am totally sick of the Talking Heads yet again.  I actually do not have TV in my house now, but now and then do bring up the Newszak on my Ipad and hear tidbits on the radio.  It is just too much for me to stomach.  Watching the hapless establishment Republicans turn on one of their own from the hinterland was the last straw.  God help us all.  Easy to understand why I am a committed Independent.

Anyroad, I only loathe the Media Moguls trying to sway my opinion.  I know my political mind, I have no doubts and I know the candidates I shall vote for in November.  Every moment, every second I listen to the bombastic bastards in the Media, are moments spent doing nothing meaningful.  Like having your soul sucked out from your body via your eyes and ears.  I take to News Fasting for the next two months with great enthusiasm.

EMP weapon effects field

There is no solution to America's political ills.  We would need a Black Swan Event to shift the matter forward.  A EMP weapon touched off over the northeast (for you Neville grads that is a Electro-magnetic Pulse).  That would shake things up, and frankly I am surprised that some entity among our enemies has not done the deed yet.  Give them time.

Next two months for me will be writing, getting the rust of my Gaelic and Spanish language skills, and loosing ten pounds of body weight via my new eating regimen, of my own design, called the Celtic Bronze Age Diet. 

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