Thursday, June 30, 2011


I have not been posting much of late, been on hiatus, the main reason being I am on a writing tear, trying to finish up my book Finding the McCains.   The writing is done a matter now of putting in some end notes and proof reading. It is a memoir not a history or God forbid a genealogy, but several chapters get very deep into mid Argyll history circa 1500s and I went ahead and added notes on those. 

Summer is already HOT here, not much of a Spring.  It certainly makes me think upon those summers in my life I've spent in Ireland or the UK.  I could use one of them now. 

I should post more as I have several topics that interest me.  The insanity of the US government is one and the current crop of politicians running for president another.  The debt situation, both in the USA and Europe also of interest to me.  I suspect things will be getting more interesting for us.  I also know too many sheep out there for any real reforms to take place.  Only the Black Swan brings about true change.

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