Thursday, March 18, 2010

Highway 30, Oxford Mississippi

True, I have not been posting much of late. The black dog seems to be sleeping on my porch. Here it is now, Spring is springing, the birds are kicking up a cacophony in the morning tide... and the odd raptor I saw much of last fall has returned. Now I am not an expert on raptors, but I do have a good pair of field-glasses and have looked at this ole boy several times up close now, and to my eye it seems to be a Peregrine falcon. If so, sort of out of his range. Last year there were two of them, a couple. Perhaps some have been released in my neck of the wood as I did read that some group was trying to re-establish them in the Mississippi valley, or something near to that. Incredible bird, you should see the Jays keep up a ruckus when this raptor glides through.

I am in a hollow, which for those of you out side the South, that means a slight depression in the land surrounded by low hills. The hills that surround me are in wood, so I have critters of very make trespassing on my land. It IS like this; I too am part of nature, this is my Natural Habitat. So when a deer (rat with antlers) or coon, comes on my land, he or she is destroying the Natural Environment, of which I, my family, my goods and chattel (do cats like being called chattel?) are the Natural Environment.

So the Deer, the Coon, the Fox... that I regularly see on My Land are polluting and many times destroying, the natural environment, which includes my collard garden that Rats With Antlers ate last Fall.

One of my Manx, Piscín, doing one of the things he truly loves, it is just how he does it that is funny to the Two Legs (what he calls me).

My Motto: Save The Humans. We make things nice, make things pretty, just ask my cats.

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