Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ski Mississippi

Now is El Niño or La Niña that has us in his, or her, grips? Not entirely sure, but I think it is the gent, el Señor Niño that we are dealing with. Not good news for Gore et al, hard to sell his global warming scam when summer abandons parts of the northern Hemisphere.

I myself wonder if the climate has began to oscillate back to a cooler than usual pattern. Records indicate that if the current weather pattern holds true to the forecast then the Northern United States will experience the coldest summer on record surpassing the record cool year of 1891.

Lads and lassies, that is a pretty impressive fact. So, maybe, just maybe, my Oxford town will get a decent snow this winter. I hope so, I love the stuff.

Now Accuweather, the forecasters that I use, tell me I am going to have a week of temps in the mid 80s with clouds and rain off and on. Now friends, that is not Mississippi. As we head into August usually we are in the Oven. Temps pushing 100, long hot, dry, spells.

So what's up with the summer?

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