Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

There is a cadre of people world wide, the very best sort, who are readers and fans of Sherlock Holmes. Now this will mean little to the uninitiated, but I continue. There is now a travesty, a sick nasty perversion, in the entity of a new so called 'film' about Sherlock Holmes being released soon.

The reality is, it is the opposite, it is an Anti-Holmes film. DO NOT go and see it. If you do you will reward slack jaw, know-nothingism, which is all the rage in the Gomorrah that is now Hollywood. Really, this perversion, corruption, etc, must stop at some point, don't we all think?

Read Conan Dole's books, watch the portrayal of Jeremy Brett of Holmes, they are excellent, but stay well clear of the runny, dripping, bowel movement of the so called new film of Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jr, should be publicly horse whipped for this travesty and perversion. I for one, will certainly never see another film he is in. Absolutely disgusting. Vomit and worse. Perverts. God, what is it about these know-nothings in Hollywood. Screw them and worse I say.

Absolutely disgusting. Anyone with an IQ over 105 is urged not to see this travesty. It is difficult to express my utter disgust at this so called Sherlock Holmes film.

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