Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rats With Antlers

Rats with antlers was the name a friend suggested with regards to the deer that roam about. A good name for them. I am only 5 miles from Ole Miss, 4 miles from The Square (Oxford centre) and you would think plagues of deer would not be a concern. Not so, these robbers are everywhere.

Lately one has taken to raiding my pepper plants and my cucumbers. This is not funny.

I rose early this morn, with the intentions of planting a pellet in the fanny of the cloven footed rat. I opened the back door to have a look around, the blasted nuisance of a deer was standing about 20 feet from my backdoor, staring at me. To my shock one of my Manx cats was seated by the deer! What's going on with that I'd like to know. This deer did not seem overly worried about me, it casually walked away.

Deer are pests.

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