Monday, May 11, 2009

William F Buckley and Oxford

I met William F Buckley once, if you can count nodding your head and saying hello to a fellow as 'meeting' him. It was in Oxford, in the early 1990s, himself was here filming his sublime television show, Firing Line. The meeting simple, I was walking on the south side of the Square, William F Buckley and his entourage were heading into a restaurant and I am tall, happened to catch his eye as we passed and I nodded and said hello.

I have several transcripts from Firing Line that I read and reread often. I just really enjoy them. They all are programs where Buckley interviewed Malcolm Muggeridge, and Saint Mugg is an entirely new subject which I must post on sometime soon. My favourite non fiction writer. I never tire of him.

Now today was 11 May, and our weather in Oxford was very much like late fall in Donegal. What's with that lads and lassies?

Barry R McCain

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