Friday, March 27, 2009

Eh? Louis Armstrong, etc.

You all do know, that is Louis Armstrong on my last post. Surely you do? Do not say that you don't know that or I will have to threaten you.

You have not fallen so low as to forget who and what he is/was. surely not? I have a lot of 'young people' in my house; I am never surprised at the very depth of their ignorance. Do they know who Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle are? Schmo? How about pre Vatican II normalcy? Beyond them do you think. Do we need a poll? Right, we don't.

One does wonder. What a world, what a world. Stay tuned for part IV.

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RebelAngel said...

As a trumpet player since middle school, I cannot fail to recognize Mr. Armstrong. What an amazing talent!

And, even if I cannot pick Mr.s Dimaggio and Mantle out of a line-up, at least I do know they were baseball players.

Pre Vatican II normalcy? I am not Catholic, so I cannot toss in any thoughts. I do know McDonald's has Fillet-o-Fish on special during Lent, though. If the Pope undoes some of Vatican II maybe it'll be every Friday.

And I don't even know why I am interested, since I am not only not Catholic, but have never eaten a Fillet-o-Fish in my life.