Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Words For Today, Tom Lehrer and Cornbread

Today I offer the sound words of satirist Tom Lehrer, who said, 'Don’t be scared be prepared'.

We live in a world similar to Chicken Little's, i.e. the sky do be falling, son. We supposedly have Global Warming, yet the non- political scientists tell me that since 1998 the climate has been stable and even shows some signs of cooling. We have economic collapse due to deficit spending... gosh, do you think it would help if we and our governments lived within our budgets?

It is wet and cool in Oxford, Mississippi, today. Reminds me of being in Ireland in fact. I left the TV on for a bit of news and weather today. The Talking Heads sound pretty lame to this Mississippian.

Pinto beans, turnip greens cooked with their roots, corn bread made with whole kernel corn meal, and ice tea to drink... is on the menu today, boys. Life in Mississippi

Barry R McCain

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