Thursday, January 22, 2009

News Fasting

Have you ever news fasted? I recommend it highly, especially these days. All you need do is to turn the news off, go a few days without it. After a while you're a new man or woman. You smile at children, pet the dog, rub behind the cat's ear, even that sip of single malt from Islay takes on a warmer countenance and you can taste the salt air of the Irish Sea. The world becomes alive before you and you hear birds singing. I am convinced it is the cure.

The news we get today is really Newszak, a term coined by the late Malcolm Muggeridge back in the 60s when news broadcasting had already began to take the form it is now. The queer marriage of entertainment, pretty boy talking heads, wee bits of news mixed with 24 hour coverage of the latest soap opera presented as a major news event, interrupted with tabloid data on some starlet's underpants (or worse).

Malcolm Muggeridge

The constant drivel of Newszak puts one off his game, pours cobwebs and mud into the noodle's gears and literally numbs the mind. Not good, even my two Manx cats, Piscín and Pangur, seem to resent the noise, often leaving the room when the idiot box is tuned to the stuff.

In defense I used to put the Weather Channel on, but alas, they are now part of the worst offender, NBC, and have sunk to including a steady outpouring of politically correct quasi science, Al Gore-ism, and politically suspicious programs. Blast them for the silly sops they are.

I am on a three day (so far) newszak fast. Yes, I did miss all the inauguration hooplah, but I accomplish a lot of important things. I added all my Bach, Beatles, and Debussy to my Ipod which my clever sons connected to my computer, so now when the cravings for newszak strike me, I listen to music. Piscín and Pangur enjoy the change and have taken to cat- napping nearby.

News fasting. Try it; you'll like it.


RebelAngel said...

It makes life sweeter. We don't have cable tv at all and the absence of commercials also leans a sweeter tang to the air.

Enjoy your news fast

Chris Collins said...

I've been on a total news fast since Jan. 1, and it was a hard habit to break. I have never felt better and feel like I have come out of a fog. If it's really important, you'll hear it from word-of-mouth anyway. It's liberating in a spiritual way. I'm 46 and will never go back. If you try it, don't even check the headlines online. We all are just passing through this place anyway. I think news fasting can be a big part of connecting with your inner self.