Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oxford, Mississippi, Presidential Debate

Well, here I am, or was, getting ready for the debate between John McCain and Barack Hussein Obama. I was in fact picking up my press credentials when news hit that John McCain was going to cancel his participation in the debate, because he was returning to Washington DC to attend to the business of dealing with the growing and looming financial meltdown. Wow...

I am at the debate here in Oxford, Mississippi, representing the Finn Valley Voice newspaper, in Ballybofey, Donegal. The McCain family, of which John McCain is related, still is very present in east Donegal and especially in the Finn Valley, so the debates are of interest to the people there. I write for the Finn Valley Voice from time to time, in their McKane's Corner section.

Apparently, this financial melt down is a potentially Great Depression level event, so it is understandable that John McCain, who is a senator after all, wants to be in the Senate as the details are being worked out on how to address this looming problem. Imagine that, a politician attending to real and urgent business, even putting it ahead of his ambitions to be president. I'll have to think on that as I've never seen this happen before.

Well, I have my press kit, my bag of goodies (given to us reporters don't you know), I am all ready for the event, etc., etc., but no event! But, you know, ole John may have the right idea, actually putting the country and his current job above politics. Yes, he's going against the grain and I can't imagine it will help him however. We no longer live in a world where people who do the right thing win.

Stay tuned...

Barry R McCain

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