Monday, September 29, 2008

Ole Miss Presidental Debate and More

A week in Oxford, Mississippi; many congratulations to be issued out...

Oxford has not been itself of late as there was an army of media and security people in our small town for the debates. Then there was the security measures with many streets shut down, huge concrete blocks on roads to control traffic flow, guards everywhere. I was at the preliminary events as I had a press pass courtesy of the Finn Valley Voice, the Donegal Paper for which I write. I succeeded in seeing a lot of other people trying to see things.

While it is a great honour and all that to host a presidential debate, none the less, you are very happy when life returns to normal. Oxford is a small Southern town still and the disruption to daily life was considerable, but the event was well planed and our local officials were well prepared, both Ole Miss and Oxford did very well.

Congratulations to Ole Miss for staging a very successful event, the university officials really did a great job and it wasn't easy either. It took considerable planning and organisation and they did this well. Also, congratulations to Mac on his performance in the presidential debate, in my opinion he won the debate easily. Mr Obama seemed to be playing catch up on every question and a little unsure of himself and often frowning. I was watching the debate with a group of Catholic Oxonians and for them the choice is easy. Obama is for abortions, all types, late term, pills, any method of death to the baby allowed. Understandably my Catholic friends are all for the McCain Palin ticket to the man, the debate only reinforced their decision.

Also congratulations to Fr John Tonos and St John the Evangelist Church. Fr Joe was the moving force behind the building of a new church building, located right next to the Ole Miss Campus. The first mass for the congregation was said this last Sunday. It is a beautiful new church and one with plenty of space so no more standing room only masses. St John had been meeting at the Paris – Yates Chapel on the Ole Miss campus for the last few years, through the generosity of the university. The Paris – Yates Chapel is a lovely building located in the middle of the Ole Miss campus. It was nice there, but the new building in home.

Lastly, congratulations to the Ole Miss football team for topping the number 4 ranked Florida Gators by the score of 31 to 30. A well played ball game with a very dramatic blocked extra point and equally dramatic fourth down stand by the Rebels.

So there you have it all in the space of one very full weekend, the successful Presidential Debate, the Ole Miss football team beating 4th ranked Florida, and mass in the new St John the Evangelist Church. Well done to all.
Barry R McCain

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