Tuesday, August 12, 2008

War In Ossetia

I’ve been doing something that I really should not be doing; watching TV Newszak again. Why? Well I am more than a little curious about the conflict between Georgia and Russia. This was a mistake of course, because as I watched the coverage of sound bites with graphic video loops, I was made aware again why I do not watch TV Newszak anymore. Is it ignorance or an agenda that makes the Establishment media so inaccurate? The Media does seem to have it all wrong again.

First, my prayers go out to all those poor people in Ossetia and Georgia who have been victims of this war. Their pain and suffering is real regardless of the political views and policies of governments.

Some facts: Ossetia is a province separate from Georgia, ethnically separate and the people there consider themselves to be Russian. Russian troops have been in parts of Ossetia for many years to guard against certain factions within the Georgian government and military which have a very aggressive attitude toward Ossetia.

This war started with these Georgian factions invaded Ossetia. Yes, Russia did not invade, they responded to an invasion. You don’t hear that in the Media too much. There are Ossetians that say that Georgia has made efforts to ethnically cleanse the province, which is why the Russian troops were there in the first place, to guard against this.

Now I am certainly no expert on Ossetia, but I do sense there is much more going on here than is being stated by the Media and that the Media does have an extreme anti Russian bias. Being from Mississippi, I understand very well what it is like to be on the receiving end of negative Media bias. The Media often lies, the truth is just not important to them, ratings and money drive their agenda. Mississippians or Russians are all too often presented as stereotypical bad guys and this is good for their business; like a cheesy soap opera.

Trying to watch the Newzsak about the war I had to sit through the Sex and Gore stories that are run to get the low brow viewers to tune in and keep their ratings up. There was one story about a starlet who accidently exposed one of her nipples, a starlet sex scandal, and then an all too familiar story about a Democratic politician who is cheating on his ill wife. Give me a break, I’d rather hear about the war in Ossetia as it is actually important.

The war as far as I can tell, was started by the Georgian Minister of Defence, and the attack was timed during the start of the Olympics in a hope that it would not attack too much world attention. I don’t think the average Georgian would have wanted this course of action, but again, I am just one fellow here in north Mississippi, trying to understand what’s going on.

I have the impression from what I have read that the Georgian military was very heavy handed with their invasion, shocking even the Russians there on the ground. The equally heavy Russian response appears to be a reaction to the Georgian military.

Now I don’t want to give the impression I am blaming the people of Georgia. They are a good people and as I read about their history and country, I find them fascinating and interesting. I’d love to visit the country. However, I do think it was factions in their military leadership that caused this war. Whatever, the reality is the Russian military is good and have easily handled the Georgian troops, which are now in full retreat.

I regret the US State Department and Senator McCain’s statements that describe the growing war as a ‘Russian invasion.’ I don’t see it that way. I am a supporter of Senator McCain’s presidential bid, still am. However, I do respectfully think he is totally wrong on his assessment of the war in Ossetia.

The Media should acknowledge the ethnic tensions that have long existed between Ossetia and Georgia. We, i.e. the US, should then stay out of their business. This war is on the border of Russia, not the USA. It is a tragic event, but does not concern Americans and if we meddle we will only make things worse, more people will die.

The Newszak channel I was watching, Fox News, spent much more time on sex scandals than they did the war. So when you listen to busty news babette or the carefully emasculated Ken doll giving you the latest sound bites which they pass off as the ‘news’ about the war in Ossetia, I warn you not to take them seriously. I suggest you turn off the TV and then say a prayer for the victims of this war

Barry R McCain

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MDMOM said...

Thank you for reminding me that our media never gets the whole story correct.

In fact, any time that I had personal knowledge of an event, the reporter NEVER got it right, even down to the school newspaper!

Maybe that's why stories of starlets get more airtime. Who cares if they get that story wrong; it doesn't matter anyway!!!

I bet Putin wanted to punch Bush in the nose if - as the media claim - he brought up the Georgian issue when they met in Beijing.