Monday, August 25, 2008

A Mississippian Looks At Ossetia and Abkhazia

I am sitting here in the rain soaked wooded hills of north Mississippi, soaked via the aftermath of Hurricane Fay, and I turn my thoughts to the curious and interesting invents happening half a world away.

No, I am not speaking of the Olympics, I am not a fan of them, did not watch a single event of them, rather I am talking about the real news. This morning of 25 August, Moscow, Russian lawmakers voted unanimously to ask the president of Russia to recognise the two rebel provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent. The votes were not legally binding and it is up to President Dmitry Medvedev to make the final call on diplomatic recognition.

To set the stage, the US has thrown their support to Georgia. Be under no illusions, this is about Oil and Natural Gas, period. The vital pipelines that flow through Georgia are important to the European Union and to the USA. The EU and the USA want to control the flow of that particular oil and natural gas, but can they really given the geography and military reality?

Some problems here, the dominant nations in the EU are emasculated and impotent. Their militaries apart from a few small elite units are used for social engineering purposes. I don’t see them taking the field against a real Bear. In the EU you have countries that actually pass national laws about disposing of chewing gum and worry far more about deconstructing Western Civilization than fighting Bears. They don’t count.

Alas, my dear ole USA is currently a headless chicken spurting blood in the farm yard. Kids that grow up or who spend time on farms learn valuable life’s lessons. As a child on my Paw Paw’s farm I was very intrigued at how long a dead chicken could run with its head removed. That was Sunday dinner, the men took the hen, placed the neck on the chopping block, next thing you knew there was the hen frantically running around sans head for what to me seemed quite a long time.

There is no consensus in the USA anymore our head has been removed and we are spurting blood all over the place.

What are we doing around the world; do we really think we need missiles in Poland to defend Europe from Iran? Do we really need to go to war in the Caucasus? Could we go to war in the Caucasus even if we needed to? Need I point out we can not even find one middle aged Saudi and his entourage living in the mountains on the Afghanistan Pakistan border after some seven years of trying.

Afghanistan going badly now and just how many troops do we still have tied up in Iraq? How seriously do the Russians take our sabre rattle? Russia seems to be the only party with any gumption and common sense these days.

Barry R McCain © 2008

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